Khmer Cooking Classes Indulge!


Khmer Cooking Lessons! Learn new skills and tantalise your taste buds

Khmer food is delicious using many different herbs and spices as well as coconut milk in small quantities.  It not as hot as Thai food, which is a welcome relief for many who find Thai food can often be too hot and it is not as sour as Vietnamese food

The Khmer eat a lot of fresh water fish, chicken, pork and if able to afford it, beef and seafood

As with other Asian countries, sharing a few dishes at meal times is the norm amongst families. A typical meal (for those who can afford it) would include a delicious soup and at least one fried dish eaten with white rice.  Salads are common for special occasions such as celebrations, parties, weddings and funerals.  They are quite different to western salads with many different ingredients often chopped up quite small and having chicken, fish or other seafood (fresh or dry) included

An authentic Khmer cooking lesson will be an experience you won’t forget.  We offer different courses depending on your preference but a total of three main dishes and one dessert will be made per day.  For those with limited time a day class can be organised.  Guests first go to the local market with Souen to see the wide variety of goods available.  Explanations will be given throughout the market tour with ample time to look at the exotic fruits and vegetables before purchasing the food required for the dishes and going back to start the lesson

For ingredients not able to be purchased in the guest’s country, alternative suggestions will be provided e.g. coconut milk from a can may be used instead of making coconut milk from freshly ground coconut

Three dishes will be cooked before eating them for lunch.  In the afternoon, a dessert will be taught which can be eaten before leaving or taken home.  Recipes will be provided to each participant

For those that are really keen on learning Khmer cooking, two or three day courses can be organised which would include teaching about the different types of rice that can be purchased and cooked

Authentic Khmer dishes that will be offered include the following

If you are interested in a cooking class we will send you 5 options to choose from prior to your class. We ask you to inform us at least one day before the lesson what you would like to cook

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