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Khmer Cooking


Amok - steamed Khmer Curry

Preparation time – 30 mins
Cooking time - 30 mins


To make coconut milk
Take 2 cups freshly shredded coconut and add 100-150 ml warm water
Squeeze coconut between fingers repeatedly for 3 to 5 mins then strain.
Squeeze all excess water out of coconut

To make paste
Using mortar and pestle, blend first nine ingredients. It is possible to use a vitamiser instead. Add a small amount of freshly made coconut milk to allow the blending of all ingredients

Method 1
Add the paste to the coconut milk and mix
Put meat/fish/seafood in a bowl and add coconut milk paste. Mix gently
Pour into a bowl and steam for 30 mins (or until it appears fluffy on the surface and is set). This dish should be firm rather than having lots of liquid sauce
It is a nice touch to cook and then serve in a coconut or half a pineapple with pineapple scraped out

Method 2
Heat the coconut milk and add the paste Cook for a few minutes
Remove for heat When cool, add the meat/fish/seafood
Mix gently
Place into small banana leaf containers and steam

To make banana leaf containers If banana leaves are used, cut pieces 15x5cm to make into a boat or 15X15cm to make into a square
Use a toothpick to keep the edges together. Ensure there are no leaks

Tip:  Fresh water fish may need less water added to the coconut


Substitute foods
If fresh lime leaves are not available, use frozen.  If fresh not available, use dry but soak in water first.  Double the amount for dry lime leaves
If long fresh sweet red chillies are not available, use dry but soak in water first.  Double the number of chillies
If kale leaves are not available, use baby spinach
If fresh galangal is not available, use frozen in preference to dry. If dry, soak first
If fresh turmeric is not available, use 1/2 teaspoon of dry turmeric
If fresh lemon grass is not available, use frozen in preference to dry
If fresh coconut is not available, use canned coconut milk

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