Phnom Penh Royal Palace


Phnom Penh sights - Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a beautiful area close to the river.  With Cambodia’s recent grisly past it is incredible that the palace is still intact and it is therefore astonishing to visit and see Cambodia’s Royal History

The Throne Hall is used for coronations (the latest being to coronate King Sihamoni in 2004) as well as the presentation of diplomats’credentials

The Silver Pagoda also known as the Pagoda of the Emerald Buddha has more than 5000 silver floor tiles and many hundreds of Buddha statues including a life sized gold Buddha with more than 9000 diamonds!

The Iron building donated by France’s Napoleon III was donated in the 1870s and surprisingly is also intact

Guided tours are available at the palace which can be organised by ‘Cambodia Uncovered tours’.  Expected time taken at the palace is about 2 hours

The Palace is open daily (0800-1100 and 1400-1700) except during long national holidays such as Khmer New Year (April), P’Chum Ben (October) and the Water Festival (November) when it is closed for a few days.  It is also closed during Royal ceremonies or official functions which can be called at any time

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