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Cambodia's National Museum

The National Museum is a beautiful traditional building that was built around 1917.  There is an excellent collection of Khmer sculpture dating back to the 6th century as well as pottery and bronzes from the pre-Angkorian periods of Funan and Chenal(4th to 9th centuries)

Highlights of the museum include a large eight-armed statue of Vishnu from the 6th or 7th century, a statue of Shiva (9th century) and various post-Angkorian Buddhas rescued from Angkor Wat after the civil war began

There is a charming central courtyard with flowering tropical plants which compliment the beautiful architecture.  The magnificent layering of the terracotta roof can be seen well from inside this courtyard

The Museum is open daily (0800 – 1700) including public holidays except during long national holidays such as Khmer New Year (April), P’Chum Ben (October) and the Water Festival (November) when it is usually closed for a few days (it is unpredictable)

Guided tours are available at the palace which can be organised by ‘Cambodia Uncovered Tours’.  Expected time taken at the museum is about 1 - 2 hours

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