See the real Cambodia - village life


Cambodian village visits

When on tour with Souen, you will visit various villages. You will get a chance to see how Khmer live - their houses, their schools, their temples and their cottage industries that keeps them going. You will notice the lack of infrastructure with few villages throughout Cambodia having electricity, running water or latrines

Cambodia Uncovered specifically caters for only small numbers of guests (maximum 4) so you can visit villages and 'blend' in without being too intrusive. You will walk through the village often into people's homes so more than 4 people would prevent you from having such close contact with the local population

Souen will explain about the trees and plants that were used during Pol Pot regime and those that are used in traditional medicine. He may show you how rice is ground into flour or how rice wine is distilled. He can explain the lengthy process of growing reeds, harvesting, drying, dyeing and then weaving mats

You'll get an eyewitness view of how the Khmer live. You may see palm juice being harvested, silk being prepared, dyed then woven, clay pots being made, brickworks (all made by hand), blacksmiths or incense sticks being made

You may see home pig farms often combined with a rice mill (the pigs feed on the rice meal) or tofu skin being made which is a very hot job for those that are involved

The process of making fresh rice noodles may be seen which involves the grinding of rice, mixing with water and leaving for a certain period wrapped in muslin before putting the mixture through a sieve into boiling water for a minute or so. From there it is rapidly cooled then packed into neat bundles on banana leaves ready for market

Without a doubt you will see plenty of smiling people who, despite their lack of possessions and often lack of food, will be smiling and happy to greet you in their village

If you take a boat trip down the Mekhong you will also see village life from the boat - an eyeopener into the life of those living on the mighty river. You may see boat building, orchards and gardens, bricks being made by hand and more

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