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Tuol Sleng

Tuol Sleng Museum, located within a city suburb is a former high school that was converted into a prison (Security Prison 21) by the Khmer Rouge in May 1976.  During the Pol Pot regime this was the largest interrogation and torture centre in the country with more than 12,000 people being sent here (including children).  Only a handful survived as they were taken by the Khmer Rouge to paint or sculpture for the Regime. The Khmer have renamed this 'Tuol Sleng' meaning 'hill of the poisonous trees'

The museum shows the many photos of victims that were sent there as well as the torture chambers and cells where they were shackled.  It is a truly horrifying place but a visit is recommended to try and understand what the Cambodian population endured during the Pol Pot Regime.  As expected, the country is still trying to recover from this barbaric regime

The Museum is open daily (0800 to 1700) except during long national holidays when it might be closed (there is no hard and fast rule and depends on the staff as to whether it will be open or not).  For those who are coming over Khmer New Year (April), P’Chum Ben (October), Water Festival (November) or Chinese New Year, you may have to be flexible about your days in Phnom Penh

Guided tours are available which is often very informative as most guides have first hand experience of living through the Pol Pot Regime.  Therefore, as well as providing the history about Tuol Sleng, they will often be able to give you their personal stories – most of which are horrific

Expected time taken at the museum is 1 to 1½ hours

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