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Siem Reap - home to Angkor Wat


Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Siem Reap in the north of Cambodia is home to the world famous, awe inspiring and magnificent temples of Angkor Wat. A trip to Cambodia is not complete until you have visited this magnificent complex. The area was once the capital of the Khmer empire which extended north into what is now Laos and Thailand, west towards Burma and east to Vietnam. Old temple complexes dating back more than a thousand years can be found all throughout Cambodia but 'Angkor Wat' only a few kilometres from Siem Reap town was the centre. It is hard not to be impressed by these amazing structures - the magic of the carvings, the forests that envelope some of the temples, the moats that surround them and the artist workmanship of these sculptures and buildings, makes for a fascinating trip back in time. Indeed it is hard to believe that Cambodia was once so dominant in the region when compared to the overwhelming poverty it now faces

To really make the most of this area, three or four days is recommended. Guests may choose to spend the morning and lunch at the complex returning back to their hotel early afternoon for a swim or a rest. Alternatively, an early start, back for lunch and then a few more hours in the afternoon ensures you miss the midday heat

One day, three day or week passes can be purchased and entry to all temples in the immediate area are guaranteed (there are temples in adjacent provinces which will require additional payment for those that are temple or architectural buffs)

To give the brain a break from carvings and temples, there are many other things to do and see in Siem Reap including visiting various museums (the interactive land mine museum, war museum), the Tonle Sap lake, Siem Reap Cultural Centre and for those who like shopping, there is plenty to look at and buy. Three days can easily be filled and for those in no rush, 4 or 5 days might suit some so they can plan day trips out to far reaching temples where less tourists venture such as Beng Melea or Koh Ker

Travel to Siem Reap

From Phnom Penh
Travel to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh includes a 40 minute flight, 5 - 6 hour bus ride or you can travel in our car making a day of it and stopping off in villages on the way. Commerical boat is only available for groups of 30 therefore it is less likely one can travel by boat these days. We can arrange transfers to and from Phnom Penh and help you choose your accommodation in Siem Reap

If travelling with Cambodia Uncovered from Phnom Penh you will stop to sample local food such as 'ambok' - newly harvested and then pounded ground rice, deep fried tarantulas (for those adventurous enough to try them), 'eggs on sticks' and other local delicacies. One can see insect traps (trapped for food) and fruit orchards lining the road in Kampong Thom province as well as local artists involved in rock carving. For those interested, one can visit old abandoned temples in rice fields or see the Angkorian bridges before entering Siem Reap

From Stung Treng
If you have been with Cambodia Uncovered in either Kampong Cham or Stung Treng, it is possible to then travel onto Siem Reap. From Stung Treng you will drive on a new road through the northern forests. This road then passes another famous but not often visited temple complex called Koh Ker which is worth visiting

From Kampong Cham
For those who have stayed in Kampong Cham, there are various routes one can then take to Siem Reap including a trip along the Mekong and past Wat Hanchey, through rubber plantations or past various pre Angkorian or Angkorian temples. The route will depend on your interests and time available

From Battambang
For those who may want to visit Battambang in the north west whilst in Cambodia, it is possible to take a boat trip from Battambang to Siem Reap (about 6 hours). This is available from about July to January (can also be later than this but with low water levels it can take up to 9 hours). It is a very interesting and beautiful trip passing through many floating villages before crossing the lake to Siem Reap. This is recommended for those who like boat trips and those who have time to enjoy the trip. Cambodia Uncovered can also drive you from Battambang to Siem Reap stopping to sample various foods along the way and visiting a silk village in Phnom Srok or Pourk village if interested in textiles

As with all Cambodia Uncovered tours, we will help you plan an interesting trip to suit your interests. Just let us know what you like to do (and what you don't like doing) and we can help you organise a trip of a lifetime

Be sure to ask us when you contact us. We are very happy to take you to places that are of interest to you

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