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Day trips from Phnom Penh - Northwest, Northeast and East

We offer day long trips northwest, northeast and east of Phnom Penh where one can experience Cambodia's village life up close
Phnom Penh is a relatively small city with rural life being visible only a few kilometres from the city.  Our day trips will take you through typical countryside villages, where you will witness every day rural life

Kandal and Kampong Speu
Northwest of Phnom Penh, one can visit a temple called Phnom Praset and on the way you will see many interesting and unique examples of rural Khmer life such as horse carts carrying goods, families travelling in ox carts, women collecting lotus lilies to eat or sell and Vietnamese fish farms
The famous sugar palm tree of Cambodia can be seen wherever you look and you can see evidence of its many uses along the road e.g. dug out canoes and kitchen utensils are made from the trunks of these trees, roofs or walls of houses are made from the leaf, primitive ladders are fixed to the side of the trunks which are used by farmers to collect the palm juice during the months of November to March.  This juice is also made into 'skor tnot' - palm sugar which is used in cooking
You may see edible snails and lotus seeds for sale as you pass along the road, fresh fish wrapped and sold in lotus leaves and other Khmer delicacies depending on the season
Once you reach the temple complex you'll be surprised by the ruins said to be dated back to the 7th century. Despite the poor condition of the temple, it is easy to see that this temple has very different carvings to other temples throughout Cambodia so for those particularly interested in architecture, this is an interesting temple to visit
There is a reclining Buddha further up the hill from the old temple.  Reclining Buddhas are not a common sight in Cambodia so many visitors may be surprised to see this.  A new temple built in 1993 sits at the top of the hill where there are reasonable views of the surrounding rice fields (provided it is not the hazy time of the year).  The Sap River and surrounding floodwaters are easily seen during the wet season which gives one a good perspective of the flooding and extent of surface water throughout Cambodia
After leaving the temple, the road continues through more sugar palm and rice fields before giving way to views of Oudong (17th-19th centuries) – the former royal capital of Cambodia.  Stupas are seen at the top of this group of hills, and there is a nice view from the top for those interested in seeing more temples
A picnic lunch freshly prepared by Cambodia Uncovered will be eaten in a rice field or under a tree. Lunch is served in home made sugar palm containers which act as your plate and only locally sourced fresh food produce is provided
For those interested it is possible to visit a village that specialises in making silver, nickel and copper handicrafts.  This village has been making these for many, many years – allegedly because it is close to the former royal capital.  The village has now become famous for selling them both nationally and internationally.  Many houses practise this art as their major source of income and often many families are involved in this cottage industry.  One can see the moulding of silver into the shapes of various animals, fruit or vegetables, the method of applying patterns and adding appendages such as elephant trunks or tusks etc.  Even if you are not interested in buying such pieces, it is worth witnessing this ancient art form.  Similar pieces can be seen at many markets throughout Cambodia

Kandal-Prey Veng or Kandal-Kampong Cham
An alternative to the Kandal-Kampong Speu trip is to cross the Mekong River by ferry and go northeast of Phnom Penh. You will meander along the Mekong through Kandal and then either northeast onto Kampong Cham or east to Prey Veng before returning to Phnom Penh. Unlike the Kandal-Kampong Speu trip, you are very unlikely to see another tourist on your day out
On these trips one will have the opportunity to see various cottage industries including water jars being made, tofu skin, brickworks, mat weaving, silk and cotton weaving, blacksmiths, rice noodle making, bamboo blind industry and many other activities which the locals are engaged in
You may stop at an old temple where pre Angkorian stupas still stand and one will see thousands of beautiful lotus lilies in wetland areas
In Prey Veng you will first follow the Mekong before meeting up with a tributary called the Tonle Touitt. One will see fish farms, hand operated ferries, dried fish as well as 'normal' village life. You may see the plant that makes jute growing in the fields, being spun into jute before then being used as the warp for mat weaving. You will have the opportunity to see many of the various agricultural products such as mango nurseries, sesame and mung beans being grown, papaya and banana fields along the way

Another alternative trip includes a ferry ride over the Mekong and a visit to Souen's family's village and surrounding area. Despite being only a few kilometres from the city, dirt roads are gradually being replaced but a rural way of life is still practiced. You will see mango and papaya plantations, lemon grass and other vegetables being cultivated and local food being sold on the roadside. You may be interested in visiting a local temple and hearing the monks chant prior to their meal, see the mat weaving process in a nearby village as well as meet some of Souen's relatives

As with all our day trips, lunch is included. We offer either a Khmer lunch in a restaurant or a Khmer picnic lunch freshly prepared by Cambodia Uncovered and served in home made sugar palm containers which act as your plate. If on a picnic, you will eat in a rice field or hill top or under a tree. All drinks, snacks, lunch, entry fees (where applicable), transportation and english speaking guide are included in all day long trips

Cambodia Uncovered tours, will help you plan an interesting trip to suit your interests. Just let us know what you like to do (and what you don't like doing) and we can help you organise a trip of a lifetime

Ask for a Quote for any of these day trips to Kandal, Kampong Speu, Kampong Cham or Prey Veng. For those with limited time, a half day trip can be arranged to Souen's village (and may be combined with city site tour also) but other trips will be for the entire day

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